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Boobies, Tatas, The Girls, Coconuts, Titties, Breasts. Whatever you want to call them, we want to care for them! As a leading intimate apparel brand, we’ve been in the business since 1987, providing Australian women with wardrobe solutions so they can wear what they want with confidence.

We’re proud to offer products of the highest quality, with a strong focus on design and functionality – all at affordable prices.

If you’ve got a lingerie problem, Boob Solutions has a solution.

Plunge Bra Spotlight

Backless. Strapless. Plunge. Whatever your
dream dress, there’s a Boob Solution for it.
Take our Adhesive Plunge Bra, for example.
This hero product covers all the bases while
still being invisible.

How’s that for breast practice?

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Boob Solutions is my all time favourite brand of sticky bras! I've been using them for over 4 years and have never found another sticky bra that comes close to them!
— Shanice Taylor
Customer Reviews
The Adhesive Bra is super sticky and works so well! It stayed on all night – no problems.
— Bianca Sabo
Customer Reviews
I bought one of the party packs and have actually used every item! The disposable nipple covers are really good in an emergency!
— Maddie Little
Customer Reviews
I got this beautiful plunging backless dress but kept falling out of it! I thought I was going to have to return it but I just got one of these plunge bras and it works perfectly.
— Rebecca Richardson
Customer Reviews
I didn’t fit into any of my bras anymore and just got some of the Boob Solutions bra extenders. Such a simple fix and so much cheaper than getting new bras.
— Eloise Bright
Customer Reviews
Super cheap for really useful products, the silicone bra is really comfy and makes my dress look great.
— Amy McKinnon

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