Applying your Adhesive products
Always apply any of our adhesive products to clean skin. Any moisturisers, body oils or topical creams will inhibit the effectiveness of the product!

Removing your Adhesive products
Unlike blocking your ex, we do NOT recommend the 'rip it off like a bandaid' method when it comes to our adhesive products. They are best removed gently, to protect precious skin and enhance reusability. We do, however, encourage moisturising the area once the product is removed to keep your girls smooth, supple and hydrated!

How to use the Bra Extenders
Use the hooks of your bra to clip in the extender’s eyes. Then attach the other strap of the bra as normal to the extension

How to use the Bra Clips
Before putting on the bra, hook each strap into the Bra clip to create the desired racerback style.

How to clean your adhesive products
Hand wash cups with mild soap. Air dry. Cover the adhesive with the plastic film when not in use.

My dress is strapless and backless, what bra should I use?
We recommend our crowd-favourite Adhesive Plunge Bra. It’s basically the bra equivalent of that girl who compliments you in the club bathroom.

My dress/top keeps slipping open, but wearing a bra will ruin the look. What should I do?
We recommend our nude Silicone Nipple Covers. They’re reusable and designed to help you keep just the right amount to the imagination, so you can step out in confidence. No need to feel self-conscious all night when you’ve got some Boob Solutions!

My dress is backless with a plunge neckline. What bra should I wear?
Our Adhesive Plunge Bra is arguably the greatest feat of design and engineering since the man on the moon. Lined with adhesive and featuring stick-on wings on either side, this bra provides the ultimate fit and cleavage-enhancement, making it your ultimate wardrobe wingwoman.

Top Tip:
Keep the plastic film from the adhesive wings of your strapless bras to preserve the stickiness for future use